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Founded in 2019 by Sarah Beauvery Joguet & Lydie Vessella, MAVIJAAN is the first independent French film distribution company specialized in Turkish and Eastern films.

National Center of Cinema and Motion Picture (CNC) registered "MAVIJAAN"
as a cinematographic film distributor under the code 4959.

The company aims to open this large industry to the French-speaking market by developing its activity on two main axes as following:

- distribution to movie theaters
- video streaming for Turkish and Eastern audiovisual content (films, short films, documentaries and series)


Production is not excluded.


34 rue Pierre Brossolette // 85000 La Roche Sur Yon // France

Tel: + 33 (0)7 87 33 05 21 - Fax: + 33 (0)9 59 41 37 31
Information: contact[at]
Sarah Beauvery Joguet (President) : sarah.beauvery[at]




We are often asked, why "MAVIJAAN"?
Why did we name our distribution company like this?

We wanted a name that connects both our earlier experience with Indian cinema and this new adventure with Turkey.
MAVI means blue in Turkish. JAAN means life in Hindi but can also be written like Can in Turkish, with the same pronunciation.
Life in blue... MAVIJAAN

We often speak of life in pink as all flaws are deleted, ideal, far from reality. A life often brought to the screen.What hit us when we discovered Turkish films and series was the great mise en scène of everyday reality with all its difficulties. The very detailed psychology of the characters shows us their faults, flaws and the struggles they are going through which make them grow and transform accordingly with their experience.

Turkish cinema and more broadly series are a tribute to life with all of its beauty and complexity, and they draw a realistic portrait of human relations, far from the clichés and superficial stereotypes.

According to examinations our injuries shape our behaviors. We would not be who we are now without the obstacles that life makes us endure. This brings us a better understanding for human behavior, and therefore, for ourselves. How can we not be touched by these stories that everyone can identify with?

 Life is away from being pink but it's not an excuse for seeing it black either.
So, let's take life in blue... the blue color of truth, understanding and appeasement  - in order to positively transcend each difficult event and accept them to move forward. 

The BLUE JAY emblem on our logo embodies this clarity by combining protection and confidence.

MAVIJAAN will inspire you this new perspective against the world through a unique journey to the heart of the Turkish film and series industry.





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President of MAVIJAAN

Co-founder and manager of Bollyciné France
Former Webmaster, Community Manager & PR
of Being Human Clothing Europe
Freelancer / Social network


They funded our project on this platform: Ulule

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